Executive Team

Praemium ACE Foods’ executive team is international and diverse, with deep reservoirs of experience in farming, sourcing, and delivering high-quality agricultural products among others,  rice, wheat, wheat flour, and dehydrated fruit products. We work closely with our  farmers to help them stay current with farming techniques and equipment. Praemium ACE Foods conducts in-the-field training sessions complete with demonstrations for our farmers for modern farming , drying and milling techniques. 

Balbir Singh Pama

Worldwide Operations Director and India Team Leader

Lieutenant General Balbir Singh Pama is the Worldwide Operations Director of Praemium ACE Foods. He brings over 40 years of combined experience in operations, strategy, communication, logistics and civil administration management in national and international environments…

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Bruce Gilfix

Sierra Leone Team Leader

Bruce Gilfix is the Team leader for Sierra Leone and assists with worldwide operations. A former Wall Street analyst and money manager, Gilfix spent three decades doing business in West Africa, mainly Sierra Leone. His regional experience includes…

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Country Teams

At Praemium ACE Foods, we work with trusted partners in business and government to ensure we deliver the highest-quality food products safely and reliably. Our work is global; read more about our regional teams to understand collaboration at its finest.

Team India

The Praemium ACE Foods team in India is our operations powerhouse, staffed by agribusiness, financing, logistics, shipping, and distribution professionals who deliver to an extensive portfolio of global customers.

We source and produce rice, wheat, wheat flour, and dehydrated mango in India and other food products from other countries…

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Team Sierra Leone

The Praemium ACE Foods team in Sierra Leone is staffed by logistics, and distribution professionals with vast experience in the import business..

Henry Kallon and Josephine Kamara, both with over 20 years in the industry and local to Sierra Leone, head this team under the direction of Bruce Gilfix. Our team carefully confirms each customer’s order…

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Team East Africa and Francophone Africa

Our development team in Rwanda is always hard at work ensuring the quality of Praemium ACE Foods products and services, widening our reach, and coming up with new and sustainable ways to feed the world.

If there’s a food product you’d like to import or export, contact this team to discuss…

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